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The Doctor

Ricardo Silva, O.D. grew up in Miami and graduated from the University of Miami with a BS in Electrical Engineering.  He then attended University of Southern California and graduated with a MS in Computer Engineering.  During his time as an engineer, he developed computer systems for IBM in Silicon Valley.  After, he moved back to Sunrise Florida to work with Motorola creating two-way radios and cellular phones. 

At this stage of his life he decided to change his path and attended Nova Southeastern University where he fell in love with the complexity of the human eye, graduating with a Doctor of Optometry degree, with Honors.  During his studies in optometry school he took interest in specialty contact lenses and worked on research for a contact lens disinfection study. 

This interest has remained his focus to this day where he deals daily with complex contact lens fits.  Dr. Silva runs his family practice in Miami, FL with his wife Donna Silva.  Together, with a skilled team, they created a place where generations of families come to take care of their visual needs. 

As an important figure of the community of Miami, he is a member of the Dade County Optometric Association, Florida Optometric Association, and American Optometric Association. In the past he has served on the board of the Dade County Optometric Association.

Simply the best; they take the best care and conduct the most thorough review of your eyes; Dr. Silva has been treating my husband for years and now have my children as his new patients and see so well and are so happy; this is the best family vision care anyone could ever ask for. The staff help you choose from so many frame options so that you look and feel good. Thank you!!!
— Annie T.


We provide an array of services related to your eyes.  Dr. Silva and his staff is dedicated to making you as comfortable as possible using a multitude of techniques that give you the clearest vision while still looking great.  We are here for you and don't be shy, ask us what is on your mind.  You might be surprised.


Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

It can be overwhelming to see the variety of contact lenses available on the market, but not all are the same in terms of quality.  With Dr. Silva's help, he will fit you into the best Contact Lens for your needs, taking great care to give you the clearest vision while still achieving maximum comfort.  He also specializes in difficult contact lens fits which include toric, keratoconus, and the new multi-focal for astigmatism.  Here you can also order your contact lenses.

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Eye Exams

Eye Exams

Dr. Silva will not only write your eyeglass or contact lens prescriptions, but also examine the health of every part of your eyes and surrounding tissues.  These exams may include Diabetic Eye Exams, Glaucoma screenings, checking for infections and diseases, among other types of exams. Click here to see the Vision Plans we accept.


Optical Shop

With the help of our qualified staff, you will find the right glasses from an assortment of styles and models found in our optical shop.  On this website you can read about the other services we provide in our optical shop.

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The Wellness Exam

Dr. Ricardo Silva is committed to providing the best care for the health of your eyes and is now providing a new service – The Wellness Exam.  Using the iScan from Optovue, this new state-of-the-art technology allows for a quick, painless and non-invasive scan of the retina.


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The Practice

The optometry practice, located in beautiful Miami, FL, was established by Dr. Bernard Applebaum approximately 30 years prior to being purchased by Dr. Ricardo Silva, O.D..  This optometry practice is a family oriented primary care practice that has treated several generations of many families and examines patients of all ages from children to the elderly.  Exams are comprehensive and customized to address each patient’s needs such as diagnosing and treating eye diseases. 

The practice is unique in that it also specializes in difficult contact lens fits which include progressive, toric, and keratoconus.

The practice also houses an optical shop with a qualified and highly experienced staff that can take care of your glasses and contact lens needs.  The shop contains a large selection of beautiful frames and a Licensed Dispensing Optician (L.D.O.) there to make sure you get nothing but the best quality lenses.

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The Optical Shop

The Optical Shop

The optical shop is our onsite store staffed by a highly qualified and experienced personnel that can take care of your glasses and contact lens needs.  The shop contains a large selection of beautiful frames and a Licensed Dispensing Optician (L.D.O.) to make sure you get nothing but the best quality lenses.

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The Staff

The Staff

Meet our staff.  Here you will find a group of experienced professionals in which you will find yourself greeted with big smiles and an eagerness to satisfy your optical needs.

Welcome To Miami!

Conveniently located in beautiful Miami, across the street from Baptist Hospital Kendall, we are here for you with bright Eyes and wide smiles awaiting your visit.

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