Can’t sleep at night? Let’s Discuss Blue Light.

Electric Blue - Illustration by Jason Aponte

Electric Blue - Illustration by Jason Aponte

It’s 2 A.M. and you are staring at your phone on your favorite social media app waiting for your body and mind to fall asleep.  This is a routine many of us follow, but what we do not realize is that this trend is creating a new problem.  Although the sun is the biggest source of blue light, our electronic devices and fluorescent bulbs give off this high-energy light as well. 

Studies have shown that the range of wavelength that is toxic to retina cells is 414-445nm.  Exposure to this range of wavelength of light, may be affecting our sleep and may be causing damage to our retinas.  In particular, it may cause macular degeneration, but another negative effect of Blue Light is how it affects our sleep patterns.  Our usage of digital devices is increasing and we need to find ways to protect our eyes.

There are a few ways of protecting your vision. 

  • Reduce exposure and usage of electronic devices.  This may be difficult due to the increase of computers in the workplace.  Some electronic devices have the capacity to change your screen settings to reduce blue light.  There are also options of blue light filters that can be added directly onto your device. 

  • When you are in the sun it is a good idea to wear a wide-brimmed hat.

  • Lenses with built-in Blue Light Filters.  Here in the office of Dr. Ricardo Silva, we offer some of the best options that can be added to your glasses.

Not all blue light is harmful and there are some benefits to blue light, such as that it gives a positive boost to our mood.  If you are interested in creating your next pair of glasses with Blue Light protection, ask one of our professional staff about some of the lenses we provide such as Eyezen, Transitions, and Prevencia.